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Wearable Devices for Dogs?

Even in the relatively straight-forward world of dog walking – technology is making its impact felt. One of the biggest concerns of any dog owner (or their dog walker) is that their dog goes AWOL (absent without leash!). We all get distracted at one time or another, and our dogs are no different. However with the recent developments in technology, nowadays it has become extremely easy to locate a lost pet with the help of wearable devices for dogs. If you have never heard about these before then here’s some of the benefits of using them.

  1. Unique Health Benefits

This is one vital benefits of considering wearable devices for dogs. Some devices enable the owner to monitor the health and fitness of their pet, such as the Tractive MOTION Pet Activity Tracker.  Just like the human versions, these devices can be used as a fitness tracker for a dog.

  1. Lost Dog – No Problem

This is certainly one of the major reasons why dog tracking devices have become highly popular among pet owners around the world.  Often tracking devices have the ability to provide owners with the real time location of their dog, like the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker. They often give updated information about the location of the dog with the aid of text messages or even emails.

  1. Hunting for a Lost Dog is Extremely Stressful and Time-consuming

This is another reason owners often use wearable devices to track their dog if it gets lost. No-one wants to miss work or an important appointment because their dog has gone missing.  Having a wearable GPS tracker on their dog allows them to go straight to their dog without countless hours of worry and searching the streets.

  1. Some devices offer the opportunity to track your pet using a Smartphone

This is surely one of the major benefits of using the pet tracking devices. Most smart phones available on the market offer unique apps through which you can easily receive messages from the specific tracking device, such as the Kippy Pet Tracker, that has been connected to the collar of the dog.

  1. No physical reactions

Since these unique pet tracking devices are often attached to the collar like the good-looking,Pyrus Mini GPS Tracker Locator, the dog will not generally be affected by any type of physical reactions.

These are some of the reasons why pet tracking devices have become extremely popular of late. All good stuff – now where did I put my iPhone?