Picture by Camilla Ahrensbøll
Picture by Camilla Ahrensbøll

Welcome to Dog Walker HQ

If you love dogs and love working for yourself then this is the place to be.   Dog Walker HQ is designed to help people from all walks of life combine the twin passions of dogs and growing your own successful dog walking business.  There is no central resource to help dog walking business owners solve their business problems. Until now…

Enter Dog Walker HQ: Your one-stop destination for all the inspiration and resources you need to start or grow your dog walking business.

Helping your Dog Walking Business to Stand Out

Our mission is to help you with the key skills you need to start and grow your dog walking business.  We’ll show you online marketing strategies, offline community tips, smart branding,  and more that will make your  dog walking business worth talking about.

So, if you’ve ever asked yourself  “How do I get more customers?” or just simply “What do I do next?”, then you’ve come to the right place!




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